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What to Consider when Choosing Flooring

What to Consider when Choosing Flooring

AD – When we moved into our new house 3 years ago we were greeted with some amazing flooring in our entrance hall. Beautiful wooden flooring and we knew that was something we would always want to keep. The rest of the house was carpeted apart from tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms.

For now we are not making any changes. The kids are still very young and quite often spill and drop things and we know it is not worth making any drastic changes or getting new carpets. We will end up being so worried about the mess and damages constantly.

There are many things to consider when choosing flooring for a particular area in the house. I know my other half thinks very carefully about these sorts of things. We considered a few different things when designed our new office and these were our thoughts:

Choosing Flooring

– What will the room be used for? As a child we always had carpet in the bathroom but now I think this was a bit crazy, as it used to get so wet. With three crazy children, it is likely to be the same for us too, so tiles or Lino would be a better option. Think carefully about the practicalities over aesthetics when making a choice.

– Price. I was told our solid wood flooring in our entrance hall would have been very expensive. It will last but if we wanted to change this in the future, we won’t be! You may want to think about Engineered Wood Flooring. There are so many choices of wood types and finishes and with engineered wood flooring you are getting quality finished, moisture-resistance flooring, with the quality of solid wood flooring. It is also long lasting, so this is an option instead.

– Warmth. I think for our garage if we had chosen a laminate it may have felt colder in there, especially in the winter months. A nice warm carpet makes it a lot more cosy, especially for my husband who is working in there on a daily basis. I also like to use it in the evenings.

choosing flooring

– Fitting the floor. Will this be something you can do or would you need professional help and is this something that is available? We had our carpet fitted with no trouble but this may not be the same for tiles for example, without hiring an additional service.

Choosing flooring can be an enjoyable, exciting thing to do in the process of getting your house how you would like it! But it is important to think it through and make the correct choice for you.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.