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My Dream Bathroom | AD

dream bathroom

I remember when my husband did up our bathroom in our old house. It was his pride and joy and took a very long time! I think in hindsight we should have probably got someone in to help with the job but we wanted to save some money and I think he wanted to achieve something. His dream bathroom!

When we chose our new house, we thought the bathroom was fine. It definitely didn’t need any work doing to it immediately. Simple white and blue tiles and a white bath and sink.

I guess you spend a little time in a new house and you start to get a bit wistful and broody and start thinking what you can change and the bathroom is definitely on the list. We have already converted our garage to an office and have decorated all the bedrooms for the kids.

Bathroom I hope will be next. We will be waiting a little while, as have crazy kids who splash all over the place and there are just times in your life when your kids are young and your house is going to be a little crazy. But there is always time.

I already have some ideas of my dream bathroom and these features are definitely on the list:

– A Mediterranean style. We have been abroad a good few times: Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. Hubby and I love the feel and style of the bathrooms in some of the hotels we have stayed in. Pale brown tiles and plants. We love the feel. Possibly a mosaic on the walls too. We have an ensuite and separate toilets too, so I’d love a similar style in our UK bathrooms.

– A separate shower. In our old house, the shower was over the bath but with the little ones, sometimes someone is in the bath and someone is in the shower at the same time! This is not uncommon and we definitely need them separate. I’ve seen some beautiful walk in showers when browsing.

– A rainfall shower. I’ve stayed in many hotels with these style of showers and love the idea of stepping under a large shower head and feeling the drops of water all over you. They look really impressive too!

– Jacuzzi bath! I’d love something like this when the kids are a little older. I rarely, or should I say never have a bath alone. I swear the last one was when I was in labour (!) but when the time comes I would love to enjoy a spa bath and to really relax. Perhaps even read my book in peace!

– A mirror with lights! We had this in our old house and I don’t think I ever really appreciated it. They look really cool.  I’m not mad on our current mirror which is surrounded by mini shelves. These are quite impractical and products can drop and I think have smashed part of the sink. I would perhaps like my storage under the mirror with lights or in a separate cupboard.

I know in time (and when we have saved a little more money!) a new bathroom and en-suite will be a possibility. I have loads of ideas for when the time comes and it will look brilliant!

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.



  1. October 20, 2019 / 9:35 pm

    I’m just hunting out my new bathroom after recently moving. There are some gorgeous products at Uk bathrooms. I will be happy though just to get the first room decorated! xx

  2. Nick
    October 20, 2019 / 10:12 pm