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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for the Kids | AD

ultimate christmas gift guide

It’s about that time of year again. Halloween is over, so I’m sat here writing my Christmas gift guides and thinking how has 12 months past since I was writing them for last year.

A lot has happened in the last year, including the birth of my little man. My kid’s guide last year was for two little girls and now we have a little man to think about too. Even though, we never go crazy for the babies, he needs a few little things.

The girls are already getting excited for Christmas and I’m excited with some of the things I can show you this guide and that I will be giving to them this year.

So without further ado:

Gift Ideas for a 6 Years Old

A Minnie Mouse Trinket Box from The Gift Experience

I know my eldest will love anything Disney. I also know she loves anything to store things, so I knew this Minnie Mouse Trinket Box from The Gift Experience would be a lovely idea for her. It retails at £23.99 and Minnie is mounted on the lid of an intricate red and gold trinket box, which can be used to store jewellery or any precious items. It comes with a ink silk-lined presentation box with the Disney logo embossed on top. The Gift Experience have so many gifts, some personalised, for you to choose from. You can browse for a person, or an occasion. Worth having a look for that special gift.

See the image above.

Science in Wonderland

I do like my kids to get educational presents as well, as toys for Christmas, so I thought Science in Wonderland would be a perfect combination.  From John Adams, this product has 5 experiments including:

  • Watch your flower magically open
  • Create a colour change butterfly
  • Squeeze to make your fairy dance
  • See your ladybird flutter in the sunshine
  • Peep inside tp see a kaleiscope show.

It can be found on Amazon and is currently retailing at £19.99.

A Mermaid SIGG from SIGG Kids

SIGG always hold a special place for me, daft as it sounds, as my late Dad was such a fan of their water bottles. I used to have my own and they did keep my drinks very cold. I’m always trying to get my eldest to drink more, so a water bottle with a lovely design, can really help. These kids SIGGs are available in 0.3 litre is or 0.4 litre sizes, perfect for all ages, with fun characters. All bottles come with a spill-proof protective cap and an easy-to-clean top. They are 100% leakproof, so no wet school bags!

I knew my eldest would love a mermaid one. It retails at £13.99.

A Personalised Unicorn Watch from Gift Pup

I’m really proud of my eldest as she learnt to tell the time over the summer holidays and has been asking for a watch for ages. It is definitely on her Christmas list. She loves all things unicorn, so loved the idea of this personalised unicorn watch from Gift Pup. Need more details.

A Sticker Making Kit from Hey There Stickers

What kids don’t love stickers eh? Just the morning of me writing this my eldest was sticking them all over her sister’s jumper. But how about making your own stickers? Hey There Stickers offer just this! For £20 you can get your own sticker making kit. This includes A Xyron Sticker maker with instructions and 6m of permanent adhesive.
A pack of washable mini felt tip pens, a 25mm Hey There Stickers! logo badge  and 2 sets of drawings to cut and colour. I know my eldest will love to make some herself!

Disney Princess Doll Rupunzel Doll from Tangled

My daughter is a huge fan of Tangled and I still think she’s at that age where she loves her dolls. I know this will change soon, so I though why not for a doll this Christmas? This Disney Princess toddler Rupunzel doll stands at 14 inches tall and comes in a beautiful box.

It currently retails at £19.99 and can be found in Smyth’s Toys and Argos.

Educational Toys From Bright Minds

As I said earlier, educational toys are so important, as can encourage a child to learn through fun. When I saw the vast array of educational resources on Bright Minds, I was overwhelmed. It’s an award-winning home shopping company that sell educational toys, gifts, games and children’s book. There’s so much choice, it will hard to know where to start.

But I managed. I started with this GeoSafari Vega 360 Telescope. My step-Dad has a telescope and my eldest is really fascinated with it so I thought one of her own would be so interesting.  This product retails at £45.99 and as taken from online, it has all-glass optics and magnification ranges from 20x to 80x give clear, bright views of the Moon, the planets in our Solar System and the stars beyond. Investigate the Mare Crisium (Sea of Crises) or Crater Copernicus on the surface of the Moon, or explore the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter, or use the telescope to get a close-up view of remarkable things on Earth including birds and animals or distant landscapes. I knew my eldest would love this!!

We also chose Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game. I was saying to a friend that nowadays children don’t always know the value of money, as we don’t carry it! We just use a card!! This product retails at £14.99 and helps children to develop their numeracy skills and coin recognition.

We also chose Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Learning Activities Phonics as some gifts will be given to my gremlin’s cousin who is a little younger. All I have heard about whilst my eldest has been in school in reception and year 1 is phonics, so anything to help is really useful. This product retails at £9.99 and helps to builds fine motor skills, develop a knowledge of phonic sounds and encourages early reading skills.

Finally for we picked Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Learning Activities Times Tables I’m aware my eldest has to learn all her times tables as she progresses through school and it can be a tricky task to grip. This product also retails at £9.99 and helps children to learn their times tables from 1-12 via magnetics. It also helps to build mathematical understanding.

Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old

BABY Born Changing Bag

My little girl is at that lovely age with her dolls where she loves imaginative play. She adores changing them, feeding them and putting them to sleep. I knew a BABY Born changing bag would be perfect for her. This retails at £16.99 and contains 1 changing mat, 1 spare nappy, 1 rattle and 1 bottle. It has a omfort grip carry handle and shoulder strap. I knew she would love to carry it around.

This is currently available in Smyths Toys.

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Styling Head

When I was a kid I used to always want one of those styling heads but for some reason I never had one. It probably explains why I am so bad at doing hair now! I saw these lovely My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Styling Heads and thought my little girl would love to try out. Accessorise and style Rainbow’s beautiful long mane of multi-coloured hair with a variety of My Little Pony pieces. The product comes with a sticker sheet, hair brush, beads, bead threader and thread, along with hair bands and clips.

These are available at Very and are currently retailing at £11.99 when this was printed.

A Go To Sleep Personalised Book

Reading is such an important part of bedtime for my little Piglet. She always has stories and can usually go to bed, so I do like to get her a book to read at Christmas time. These personalised Go To Sleep bedtime books were created in partnership with the Children’s Sleep Charity. Retailing at £16.99, these books feature your child throughout. You can select a girl or boy, their hair colour, skin tone and preview each spread.  Using proven methods from world renown hospitals, The Children’s Sleep Charity and leading children’s sleep specialists, to help you develop a highly effective Bedtime Routine. I don’t show my children’s names on the blog so you will have to head over via the above link to see the names. I have had to blur out on the image below.

My First Calendar from Danilo

Both my girls are at an age where they would benefit from being a little more organised and understanding about the day and it’s routine. I loved the idea of these My First Calendars from Danilo. I chose a Peppa Pig one, more for my three year old but knew my eldest too, would benefit.

Retailing at £8.99, these interactive calendars can be used ALL YEAR ROUND and encourages children to learn about the days of the week, months of the year, the weather and the seasons. My First Calendar is sized at 350 x 350mm and includes magnetic pieces, euro hook for hanging and a non-permanent pen.

Such a good Christmas present idea.

Haribo Hamper

Both my girls, like most children, love some sweets and when Haribo were in touch about sending a gift box, I knew they would love it. In fact, so would I really!

So now to move onto my little man.

Gift Ideas for an 8 Month Old

Flashy the Xylophone from Chicco

With the little man being baby number 3, you do get to that point where you don’t want to keep buying them toys. BUT we still wanted him to have a few bits. Flashy the Xylophone from Chicco looked fab for him, as he loves banging around, I thought this would be awesome for him.

Retailing at £17.99 this product is fab for younger children but tests them a little more as they get older (I have a feeling middley may like this too!) It has a freestyle mode and a Follow the lights mode. Flashy also teaches your little one musical notes, the musical scale and sequence of sounds. It is available from Very.

Baby Alexander from Zapf Creations

My little boy does like his sister’s dolls and I thought perhaps he would like his own little one to play with. Baby Alexander from Zapf looked perfect for him and so cute!

He retails at £16 and has sleeping eyes and a soft body and looks lovely for a first doll. He comes with a bottle you can feed him from and is dressed in a onesie decorated with a sweet Baby Annabell sheep design and a matching hat and can. Baby Alexander be found at The Entertainer.

Peppa Pig Game Plate

Both my girls love their portion plates. They are so handy for picky teas, so I knew I would want one for my little man, as he gets older.

This beautiful Bamboo Peppa Pig Game Plate cane be found on Gift Giving All Wrapped Up (where there is so much choice of unique and beautiful gifts). The plate is eco-friendly and designed to encourage fussy eaters to eat well and enjoy their meals. It retails at £15.

Bobux Shoes

I have been thinking my little man needs a pair of shoes for ages but with him being so little, I never really know what to get. Plus he is just cruising and not walking just yet.

Bobux have a fabulous range of shoes for babies, right up to pre-schoolers. As my little man is cruising he would be in their Xplorer range which are designed specifically for the cruising stage or for indoor use their Soft Soles are great. I chose a pair from the new Soft Sole collection – the Woof Caramel style. He’s a medium, as going from 9 months plus.

Bobux shoes are podiatrist endorsed, designed to fit your child’s feet and for the way that they move. They are hand-made, assembled by people who care using leather and merino wool. There are really so many to choose from, so many designs and styles too!

I was dying to try these out on my little man.

Cups from BabyCup

These cleverly designed cups and sippy not sucky from Baby Cup! They are mini open cups for babies and toddlers. aged 0-2.5 years.

Both dentists and orthodontists recommend, as feel best to encourage sipping and best for teeth! They are non-toxic, BPA-free and phthalates free.

They are perfect for little hands and mouths and perfect to encourage good oral movements and help develop swallowing skills.

My little man loves them and I can manage to get him to have a few sips. He likes to hold them too!

I’m really excited for the kids to open their presents on Christmas morning! I think there will be some excitement for sure!

Happy Christmas all!

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Good Luck!

Disclosure – we received samples of products, in exchange for inclusion in the gift guide. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



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