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PAW Patrol Count with Marshall and Ryder’s Alphabet Tablet REVIEW | AD

girl holding Ryder's alphabet tablet

My middley is at that lovely stage where she is doing well with her learning. Starting to count and recognise her phonics. I’m so proud of her and I know she is lovely being at nursery. She is also a big Paw Patrol fan. She has some of then clothes and toys and loves to watch the show. We have even reviewed Paw Patrol toys previously and they went down a storm. I love combining education with playing and when we were offered both the PAW Patrol Count with Marshall and Ryder’s Alphabet Tablet from Trends, I knew my middley would have a lot of fun. I also knew her baby brother would love to get involved too!

PAW Patrol Count with Marshall – More About the Product

Paw Patrol Count with Marshall in the box

Paw Patrol Count with Marshall is currently available in Argos and RRPs at £19.99 and is aimed at children aged 3 years and over. However it is currently available for £16 at the time this is published.

Count with Marshall has 10 interactive play coins which help to develop counting skills plus colour and number recognition. Marshall is in his fire engine, like on the show.

Your child is asked by Marshall identify a coin (by its number, colour or objects on it) and insert it into the truck. He can tell you which coins have been inserted and can react accordingly. Choose between counting or colour recognition games. The coins can be easily taken out of the back by opening it and your child can play again!

Batteries were included.

Playing with PAW Patrol Count with Marshall and Our Thoughts

My middley figured out exactly what the do quickly with the toy and really sat and had a good play. It was easy to insert the coins and she could easily open the back to play again. We did notice you have to be slow and listen to Marshall. If you shove the coins in quickly, there isn’t time for recognition and it looks like your child is wrong when they are not!

Coin in Paw Patrol Count with Marshall

The coins are big and robust and easily distinguishable from each other. My little boy enjoyed just putting the coins in and playing too but he is only 20 months, so was fully supervised.

coins from count with Marshall

You can easily switch off at the back and change the volume, always a plus.

My middley has just turned 4 and is quite bright. She already knows her colours and can count easily, so she found the tasks set by Marshall quite easy. It would say this toy is good for a child who is just starting out with counting and learning their colours. Of course, this all depends on the child. For someone who is learning and loves Paw Patrol, it’s great at pushing them to learn more, whilst playing.

girl playing with count with Marshall

PAW Patrol Ryder’s Alphabet Tablet – More About the Product

Paw Patrol Ryder's Alphabet Tablet

Paw Patrol Ryder’s Alphabet Tablet is also aimed at children aged 3 years and over and RRPs at £17.99. It is currently available from Argos too.

This interactive first tablet encourages the child to learn while having fun with Ryder and the Pups. It is touch screen and quite easy to follow, so is great for communication skills and hand-eye co-ordination.

Ryder lights up and asks the child to find a letter, or an object, or to identify the first letter of a particular word. This is great for phonetic sounds and develops skills like letter and early word recognition, listening and understanding, plus responding to questions.

Playing with PAW Patrol Ryder’s Alphabet Tablet and Our Thoughts

Similarly my daughter is really good with her phonics and alphabet, so she found she could complete the tasks when it came to finding a letter or the first letter of the word. However, she is still learning so will be great for her to continue playing.

girl holding Ryder's alphabet tablet

The tablet was robust and had a soft, rubber casing around it. This is great, as my baby boy did get his hands on it!

It was easy to set up, with an easy off and on button. My middley didn’t need much help to know what to do and my baby boy enjoyed having a look and telling me what objects he could see, as his speech is really developing.

baby boy playing with Ryder's alphabet tablet

Overall Thoughts

I thought both products were really good to combine education and playing, especially for Paw Patrol fans. The toys are quite robust and reasonably priced. They are lovely for little ones who love the characters from Paw Patrol. They have the music and the voices, which kids love.

I would consider where you child is developmentally wise. I would have preferred my daughter to have when she was a little younger, as she was quite confident with both products. However, they will be great for my little man as he gets older.

I think both would make a lovely present for Christmas for young Paw Patrol fans! There is also the PAW Patrol Smart Phone, available from Very. Here you can call Ryder and the Pups to learn about colours, numbers and much more. Great for helping with memory, communication and confidence!

coins sat by Paw patrol count with Marshall

Disclosure – we were provided with these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinion are our own.