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VIP Pets Fabio and Fabia’s Hair Salon Playset – REVIEW | AD

VIP Pets hair salon Playset with Kiara

The girls are still at a very cute stage where they enjoy playing with each other. This can be really lovely, as they have some lovely imaginations and they play (when not fighting), very well with each other! They love anything creative, so when we were asked to review the new VIP Pets Hair Salon Playset, I knew they would love it! It would give them a chance to play their imaginative games together and create some amazing hair styles and creations for their VIP Pets.

The girls were lucky enough to receive VIP Pets to review earlier on this year and they loved their amazing long hair; styling it and brushing it! You can read more about them in my review but personally I loved the VIP Pet that had amazing rainbow hair!

More About the VIP Pets Salon Playset

The VIP Pets Salon Playset, also known as the VIP Pets Fabio & Fabia’s Hair Salon Playset retails at £34.99 and you can find at Smyths Toys.

2 sisters with the VIP Pets Salon Playset

It is recommended for children ages 3 years and over.

The contents are, as specified online:

  • Hair Salon Playset, VIP Pet and 13 accessories. The Pet included is Kiara, only found in this playset.
  • Colour changing comb for you and your VIP Pet
  • Glitterizer to add glitter to your VIP Pets look

Fabio & Fabia’s Hair salon is the most loved place in the VIP Pets series and is  where the VIP Pets go to get their fantastic super long hair done! Start by washing their hair with real water. Next you can sit your VIP Pet in the styling chair and comb her hair and then use the rainbow comb to colour her hair and your own if you like. Use the glitterizer to add the perfect final touch to your VP’s hair. There are more than 13 accessories for yours and the VP’s hair.

Setting up the Playset

When I first had a look at the instructions for the VIP Pets Salon Playset, I was a little bit overwhelmed but it was actually pretty simple to set it up. The instructions show you all the parts included and there are step by step instructions to put it together and then actual photographs to tell you what to do with the VIP Pets.

VIP Pets Salon Playset in the packet

The first thing you do is attach the backing card to the base and secure with little stars. This was easy to do.

VIP Pets Hair Salon Playset set up setting up the VIP Pets Hair Salon

Then you sort the pump for the VIP Pets shower!

The VIP Pets shower

This was all pretty simple. Then it’s adding the final touches. The start on the rainbow.

You add the colours to the comb and attach to the rainbow. There is a stand for your VIP Pet Kiara (or which ever one you are using). A mirror sits behind your pet. You can then place your Glitterizer ready for styling your VIP Pet’s hair!

You can see above 3 little places to store the glitter and there is a nifty little drawer for all the hair accessories.

VIP Pets Hair Salon storage drawer

Play-Time – Washing Hair, Styling and Glittering!

You are then ready to get styling!

The girls first had a go with shower. You fill the purple cup with water and can use the little pump to suck up water. You re-attach this and it becomes a shower for your VIP Pet. I must admit my eldest didn’t get Kiara’s hair that wet! I think just a little. I’d have towel nearby, as we didn’t have some water spills and be careful not to get on the backing, as it’s cardboard.

VIP Pets hair Salon shower

The girls then wanted to brush Kiara’a hair and we used the rainbow comb to do this. I must admit this wasn’t very vibrant and the girls brushed a lot with the comb. They did try wetting it too.

colour in Kiara VIP pets hair

Then the girls wanted to try the glitterizer.

You have to put glue on your VIP Pets hair first. Don’t use lots, as it’s quite sticky.

put glue on your VIP Pets head

It was a step by step process to use the glitterizer.

You fill the top with glitter and use the tray in the glitterizer to do this. You then seal this top with the yellow star and add your VIP Pet inside. You can sit your VIP Pet down easily as there is a stand for them. You shut them in and turn the top to release the glitter onto your Pup’s hair.

VIP Pet Kiara inside the glitterizer

You can see this does cover your VIP Pet in glitter but be warned this glitter does go everywhere, so you will need your hoover handy!

Your VIP Pet covered in glitter

You can then add clips to your VIP Pet’s hair, comb it and tie it up!

VIP Pets hair salon Playset with Kiara

Our Thoughts

I decided with the VIP Pets Hair Salon to do some pros and cons to give you a good idea!


– It’s great for imaginative games. My girls loved playing together and making up stories about their pups.

– I liked the glitterizer. Even though it was a bit messy, it was fun and the VIP Pet looked pretty good!

– The girls loved combing their VIP Pets hair and styling it. They liked the rainbow comb, even though not very bright when colouring in.

– It was easy to set up and the girls get going with it! The instructions were clear.


– The water does not mix with a cardboard backing. It got wet and my daughter was a bit disappointed. This is really unavoidable too. This is a bit of a design flaw, even though the shower function is fun!

– It is messy. You need a towel and a vacuum, as the glitter will get everywhere.

– My middley is 4 and did need help. Even though she is over 3, I think it is more aimed at older kids unless fully supervised.

Overall the girls did enjoy playing with their VIP Pets Hair Salon. It’s a great idea and lots of fun but there just were a few little flaws that make it not fantastic in parts. It is also quite expensive at £34.99 but of course you do get another VIP Pet included.

If you child wants it be prepared for the backing to get wet and watch how much glue and glitter your child uses to avoid the VIP Pet getting too sticky and matted.

It will make some style and hair loving kids very happy however and I’m sure will be a fun Christmas gift.

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. October 17, 2020 / 6:20 am

    that playset is sooo cool ! and looks like hours of fun , even as a adult i would have a lot of fun playing with my daughter

  2. October 18, 2020 / 9:48 am

    These look so cute. My little niece Heidi would just love to play with these and this set.