Petit-Fernand Labels and Personalised Products **Review and Giveaway**

Petit-Fernand Labels and Personalised Products **Review and Giveaway**

I remember when I was a kid my Mum HATED sewing my labels in my school uniform. Like actually detested it. I think it was one of those things she just had to do.

You always feel old when you say, well “in my day” but times change and products are definitely around to make life easier now. Like the amazing stick on labels you can buy for school uniform from Petit-Fernand. I actually bought some of these last year when the gremlin started school, so when I was offered the chance to review some and some of the personalised products, I was very keen.

More About Petit Fernand

Petit-Fernand produce a variety of products to make you life easier when you are sending your little angels to school. They stock both stick-on and iron-on labels, as well as labels for shoes, school supplies and luggage.

What I love about these labels is they are so personal. You can personalise the colour, font type and colour, as well as add a little icon. This could a sport, an animal or a fairytale themed one. There is so much choice.

As well as labels Petit-Fernand supply personalised drink bottles and lunchboxes, some really cool bits for school.

What Did We Choose?

Stick-on Labels

Of course I need labels and I chose what I used last year, stick-on labels for clothes. The dimensions of these are 17 x 5 x 22mm and a pack of 10 retails at £3. They literally take a couple of seconds to stick on a washing label. They are washing machine and tumble dryer resistant, which is perfect. Just bear in mind they can’t be stuck on the fabric, only the washing label.

My eldest chose a rainbow background and of course, a mermaid for her icon. We went with 30 labels, as used a lot last year. The best thing is if you order too many, you will always have some for next year.

I love these labels, as do have experience from last year. All have stayed on, as long as on the washing label. I did make the mistake of putting a couple on fabric. We did use on for her water bottle too and this has stayed on, which is great! They are such good value and really personal and original.

Personalised Water Bottle

We also picked a personalised water bottle for school. These are stainless steel (no BPA, no phthalates, no lead and no odour or taste) isothermal water bottles and hold 350mls. The bottles are double walled insulated and can keep liquid cool for 24hrs or warm for 12 hours. They also have anti-leak caps which for me, are awesome! I always get a leaky bottle found in a bag.

They retail at £22.

Like the labels these can have your child’s name on them and you can choose the font and colour. There are so many themes to choose from, including fairy tales, mermaids, space and animals. Really fun and quirky designs.

My eldest, this time chose unicorns.

Personalised Lunchbox

My grem still has school dinners at school but she does use a lunchbox for her snacks for gym and they are also perfect for picnics.

The boxes are bento boxes and here are the specifics from online: it has 2 removable small containers and an intermediate inner box. To keep the food cool for a few hours, just put the ice pack (previously placed in the freezer) under the intermediate box. The lunch box is also micro-wave safe so that you can easily heat up your food! Details: capacity of 1000ml, a weight of 361g, dimensions of 210 mm (W) x 85mm (H) x 145mm (D).

They are really well thought out and like the other products can be personalised. Firstly there are a variety of themes, like the water bottle. Then you can choose the colour of the handles of the box. Finally you can change the font style and colour to add your child’s name.

They retail at £22.

My eldest typically chose mermaids, she is obsessed at present!

What Did We Think?

I have experience of the labels from last year and know they are pretty awesome. They literally take 2 seconds to peel on put on the washing label. As I said earlier make sure they are stuck there and not on the actual clothes themselves, as they may not stay stuck! Most of the labels I put on last year have stayed on, so thumbs up! Plus they look original, bright and eye catching. I also remember the delivery being really speedy, so perfect when you are in a rush before school starts.

The gremlin loves the water bottle. In fact she was in trouble, as used it before I could take any photos for the blog article! She loves the design and was so impressed how cool her water was, even the next day. The bottle on the outside does feel quite warm but don’t let this deceive you, when you go to have a drink! These are quite pricey at £22 but I feel the quality of the design and the doubly-walled insulated bottles makes it worth it, for cool or warm drinks.

As I mentioned, the grem can’t take in packed lunches yet but she does use her box for picnics and gymnastics snacks. I was really impressed with this bento box, as the middle section can be put in the freezer to cool and act like a cool pack. This is perfect in these warm days. I also like the little compartments, as my eldest loves her “picky lunches”. You can put different things in for her, which gives her lots of choice. The design and personalisation is lovely and the box itself is easy to open and use. It’s a really well thought-out little lunch box.

Overall I was really impressed by the products from Petit Fernand. They are innovative and original and kids will love making their mark and designing their back to school items.

Definitely check them out!!

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Disclosure – we were sent these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.