You’ve Got a Friend in Me – with Buzz and Woody #ThinkWayFriends

You’ve Got a Friend in Me – with Buzz and Woody #ThinkWayFriends

When I was a kid the summer holidays were awesome. Six weeks of freedom; time to play, chill and see family and sometimes friends. It was usually family, as until I was in my teens I wouldn’t tend to do my own thing and see a friend. Usually I was really excited to get back to school to catch up with my mates, mess around and generally have a laugh (and learn of course!!).

My oldest school friends I am still in touch with, which is great. Three in particular who I spent a lot of time with at school have all got married and have kids, so we can catch up now, at a completely different stage in our lives. Although we have drifted apart a little through Uni and early adulthood, we always come back together and things are just the same.

We used to wind each other up at school though, fall out, compete to get the best grades and want to be the best. There were lots of laughs and tears but we were always there for each other. I revised lots with two of my mates in our exam years; we always tested each other and wanted to do well. We supported each other through broken hearts or lack of them (!) and I’m glad to have these memories and such a good childhood because of them.

I always think some of my past friendships are just like Woody and Buzz from Toy Story; especially the competitive nature, to be the most popular and the silly bickering!! Underneath it all though they have each other’s back and are true friends. Just like me and my school pals. Underneath it all, those silly things just don’t matter when you are friends. We all may have been a little mean now and then but we new deep down the importance of being kind and caring; the messages I teach my girls as they grow up.

I love the Toy Story films, as imagining your toys coming alive, as you leave the room is just such a magical and amazing thought! Even better Toy Story 4 is due for release in June 2019, so even more Buzz and Woody time to come!

My eldest is a fan too and when she saw these such lifelike Woody and Buzz figures from Smyths Toys, it was like truly playing the part of Andy for the day.

smyths toys buzz and woody

These two besties come together in a set, retailing at £59.99 and aimed at little ones ages 3 and up. Both have voice and sound effects and Buzz is 30cm tall and Woody 40cm! They are the most realistic versions of the two pals available!

smyths toys buzz smyths toys woody

My girls have LOVED these. My youngest is below the recommended age at almost two but fully supervised she has really enjoyed playing with Buzz and Woody. My girls are starting to become little friends too and when they ate not fighting over Woody(!), they have started to get really cute together. I hope they will have each other’s backs as well.

girls platying with smyths toys buzz and woodygirl playing with smyths toys buzz


I’m hoping Buzz and Woody, alongside what she learns from us and at school, will help my girls learn the true meaning of friendship and their school years will be as enjoyable as mine.

Here’s to a friendly start to the academic year of 2018-2019!!

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