Why You Should Have a SOLID Relationship Before Having Kids

I haven’t watched now cancelled (!) The Jeremy Kyle Show or Maury Povich in ages. This actually isn’t by choice; there is just way too much shouting when my eldest is around, so I’m good… View Post

Crying in Front of Your Kids? It’s Ok

Sometimes life gets on top of you. Being a parent. Working. Running a household. Stress. Hormones. There are so many things that can cause you to break down. Yell, scream and cry and sometimes this… View Post

The Realities of Holidaying with a Toddler

Now before you even read this post, don’t get me wrong. I always have an amazing holiday with the family. Brilliant! But it is always harder with kids and always harder with a toddler. I… View Post

My Friend Freddy Bear – REVIEW

AD – One of the highlights of going around the brands at BritMums live was having a look at My Friend Freddy Bear. My daughter is at a very interactive age and I knew she… View Post

10 Warnings I’d Give my Kid Self

Don’t you just love reminiscing on all the stupid things you have done as a kid? I think back and quite often have a giggle to myself. Ages ago I was nominated to do one… View Post

I’m Never Getting a Tattoo

When did I become in the minority group by not having a tattoo ? It was something I noticed on my recent holiday. It appeared everyone but my family group had a tattoo. They are… View Post

So we Joined the National Trust

I have a lot of happy memories as a child going rambling with my Dad and brother around some of the National Trust parks in the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales (of course being a… View Post