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Morning Sickness in Pregnancy – My Top Tips for Coping

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Morning sickness for me if by far the worst bit of having a baby. It is not just in the morning for me. It is on and off all day and sometimes in the middle of the night when I woke for a wee. Alongside the vile taste in my mouth, life was pretty miserable for a few months. Nausea sucks the joy out of life and made me feel low and cranky.

What has been worst with pregnancy number 3 is the nausea has lasted longer. I’m over 20 weeks pregnant now and still have odd days after breakfast when I feel queasy or the vile taste comes back into my mouth.

Oh the joys!!

Morning Sickness – My Tips

Bear in mind these are my tips and I didn’t actually vomit or have hyperemesis (severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy). For some people getting out of bed in the awful cases is a challenge and some of these ideas may not be feasible. My medical head as well is always going to say check with your midwife or GP if you cannot keep anything down, including liquids, as you may need medical help.

Anyways back onto business. Here are some of my top tips for morning sickness.

– Ask for help. There is no shame in it at all. Sometimes it feels easier and stronger to keep pushing through as normal but it isn’t always possible. I asked for help from my hubby or my family at the lowest points. You can’t do it all when you are truly miserable with nausea.

– Rest and sleep. I found that my sickness got a lot worse when I was tired or getting towards the end of the day definitely! I also used to hit about 3pm over the summer holidays and feel really sicky. If we were on a day out, I knew it was time to go home and chill. Also go to bed early; no shame in the either.

– EAT! I definitely found that an empty stomach was the worst for the nausea to rage, so I used to eat every hour or two to stop that happening.

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– Eat smaller meals. I was poo at this as always felt so hungry but when I ate more I always felt more queasy and I used to burp loads too. Small snacks help and smaller meals.

– Food wise eat what you fancy. I know we all want to try and eat healthily but sometimes those foods can be the least appealing. You need to get the energy in so eat what you can to stop your tummy getting empty and the nausea getting worse. I found fresh fruit, nuts and randomly vegetable samosas got me through the mornings!

– Keep busy. This does contradict resting but I found when I had lazy days I felt worse. Getting out and getting some fresh air, sticking to plans and having company helped. I always felt better in the afternoons I had clinics at work too. Chatting and distractions made the nausea pass for a while.

Exercise. For some this will be the LAST thing on their mind but for me it did help a little on the bad mornings. Think the endorphins helped and again it was another distraction.

– Fresh air – I alluded to this with keeping busy but getting out for a walk on the bad days really did help. Cleared my head and I always felt much better for a bit.

– Try alternative solutions. Some people swear by ice cubes, ginger or those bands you wear on your wrists, that are meant to be good for motions sickness. Anything is worth a try!

Nausea is a horrible but pretty normal part of pregnancy. It’s not fun and it’s not pretty but trust me you WILL get through it and you WILL forget how bad it was if you go on to have more children!!

I remember reading that people are still unsure why women feel sick when pregnant and I wonder if it will be a mystery forever. One of those lovely things us ladies have to go through eh?

I hope some of these tips help you!