Keeping My Third Pregnancy a Secret

Keeping My Third Pregnancy a Secret

This is the second little rambling I found on my phone that I want to share. It’s nice to go back to read and see how I was feeling, whilst keeping baby number 3 a secret:

I’m pregnant and I’ve known for almost 2 weeks now. I’m just over 5 weeks, as I found out very early with a First Response test. I’m in those glorious days before the nausea, raging appetite and vile taste in my mouth engulf me.

To be honest there are so many days I just forget there is a sesame seed baby inside me. I look down at my slightly rounded tummy and I have that exciting reminder. I’m at the gym working out as normal and I start to wonder how much longer of this will I get away with?

The thing is I’ve kept it a secret so far. Of course close family know and one of my very closest friends, I couldn’t lie to when she asked me outright. What has also made it crazy is at least 3 people have asked me if I’m pregnant since coming back from our recent Greek holiday. And yes I’ve lied blatantly to their faces!!! I’ve not told people who will be mockingly furious when I spill the beans.

I’ve been asked on a night out with some of the school mums and I lied and said I couldn’t go. Reality – I couldn’t be bothered to go out and make an excuse to why I wasn’t drinking. I’m off out with a bigger group of school mums for a meal soon and again I’ll be faking sipping my gin and tonic. Reality was I didn’t end up making this as felt way too sick!!

I’m enjoying having this little secret. It’s a little exciting feeling when I remember. Something only a select few know about. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep it quiet once any first trimester symptoms hit, especially in the first couple of weeks! I remember it’s a killer and my work mate is a very good detective, especially when I’m eating every hour in the office.

For now though it’s my secret and I’m keeping it.