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BABY Born Surprise Series 3 – REVIEW and GIVEAWAY | AD

BABY Born Surprise Series 3 – REVIEW and GIVEAWAY | AD

My girls are huge fans of BABY Born. I think anything doll related and imaginative play just captures their imagination. They love to make up games, play families; anything where my eldest can boss her younger sister around! My middle child reviewed on of the BABY Born Soft Touch Brother before Christmas (which she loves, mainly to undress and change it’s nappy) and we have also had fun with the BABY Born City Remote Control Scooter. Both my girls loves surprise toys too and to be honest, I quite enjoy the unboxing and unwrapping. It’s exciting to see what will be revealed and who doesn’t like unwrapping things? It’s like Christmas all over again! The BABY Born Surprise series are perfect to combine a love of dolls but keeping with the surprise element and letting your little ones unwrap them! We previously reviewed the BABY Born Surprise Series 1 collection and I was pretty keen to see what the BABY Born Surprise Series 3 would be like.

BABY Born Surprise Series 3

And so were the girls.

BABY Born Surprise Series 3 – More About this Collection

The BABY Born Surprise Series 3 collection has been launched to celebrate the New Year. There are 12 new dolls, with some very cute new characters, including Fuzzy Llama, Pink Flamingo and Kute Koala.

Each BABY Born Surprise Series 3 doll has 10 plus surprises for you to unbox. Like previous series, you reveal the eye colour with water, reveal their hair colour by unwrapping the swaddles and find the baby’s bottles to see if they are a boy or girl. You can also find out the pattern on their nappies, discover your baby’s birthday and name!

So lots to do and reveal!

BABY Born Surprise Series 3 retails at £12.99 and will be coming soon.

Unboxing the Product

My eldest. knew exactly what she was doing with the BABY Born Surprise Series 3. We opened them up before heading out one weekend morning.

The packets are reasonably simple to open but I did need to help my girls. There is quite a lot of plastic and waste and I’m trying to be a little more sustainable, so do bear this in mind. We took off the blanket and unwrapped her BABY Born Surprise. My eldest had Violet who looked like a flower.

My middley opened hers a little later on but she had a Pineapple.

We opened up the little packet that contained the bottle and this would reveal whether or not we had a girl or boy. We got two pink bottles so knew both were girls!

The next step was to clean the eyes from the babies to reveal the eye colour, another surprise!

BABY Born Surprise Series 3

Both the girls had dolls with brown eyes.

You can then use the bottle to feed your BABY Born Surprise dolls. Then wee and their nappies reveal a pattern. The leaflet that comes with the dolls, shows you all the possible patterns.

BABY Born Surprise Series 3

There are other things you can discover about your BABY Born Surprise doll including their date of birth, star sign and name. You use the bottle and nappy pattern and eye colour to help reveal these.

BABY Born Surprise Series 3

What Did We Think?

The girls always love opening surprise products and this was no different. They loved seeing what character they had got, revealing the eye colour and if they had a boy or a girl. I liked the new characters; they are cute, bright and colourful. My eldest was pretty excited with them too.

I do think my eldest was expecting more surprises when it 10+ on the leaflet but we realised this was more finding out about their baby. The name and star sign for example. She was a little disappointed here but still enjoyed the experience overall

My middle child has loved her little doll and carried it around in it’s little Pineapple costume. I quite like how small and cute the doll is, easy to take out and about and put in a little bag (my kids love filling bags!).

Price-wise it isn’t the cheapest at £12.99. I feel the doll is bigger and a better quality than others on the market but you pay for this I do think. Also if you are trying to cut down on plastic waste, this isn’t the sort of product for your kids.

Overall all, it’s a lovely product for children who love their dolls and enjoy the surprise element of unboxing. Bear in mind there are not loads of accessories with it but it is fun finding out all about your baby and less little things for your kids to lose!!

Would You Like to Win a BABY Born Surprise Bundle?

Please note this maybe a mix of BABY Born Surprise Series 2 and 3 (stock depending).

If so please enter via Rafflecopter below.

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Good Luck!

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review and hosting a giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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