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BABY Born Surprise Series 4 – REVIEW | AD

baby born surprise series 4

The girls are huge fans of BABY Born products. They love the dolls and all the accessories and we have had the pleasure of reviewing some of their products in the past, including the BABY Born Soft Touch Brother Doll and the Toothcare Spa. The products are just perfect for make believe games and as the girls have got quite close over lockdown, they have played with their dolls quite a lot! The girls were really excited to be sent some new products from the BABY Born Surprise Series 4 range! We have reviewed some of the previous series before and they have always gone down well.

You may want to read our review for BABY Born Surprise Series 1 and Series 3.

More About BABY Born Surprise Series 4

Here is a little more about BABY Born Surprise Series 4. There are 12 to collect and they retail at £11.99. You can find them at Smyth’s Toys as an example.

The packs include an 11cm doll, swaddle, nappy, bottle and birth certificate with baby games and overview of all the babies to collect. The swaddles are so snuggly and you may reveal at beautiful rose, fairy pony, dreamie genie or even a royal swan!

Series 4 includes all new babies, surprise swaddles, and colour change nappies. They are in a glitter pouch that looks like a flower. There are 10 exciting surprises to discover and like with the other BABY Born Surprise dolls, you open baby’s eyes, feed with water and they wee to reveal their colour change nappy. You also have a birth certificate to fill out for your doll.

Opening The Product

The girls were excited to open their BABY Born Surprise Series 4 dolls. Even my middley who is older now and can really get involved. She needed a bit of help getting the ribbon open on the top.

Once we had opened the plastic outer shell which looks like leaves, we were left with a pink, glittery bag to open. My eldest loved this and said she would play with it afterwards.

The girls needed a little more help to open the pink, glittery bags to reveal plastic eggs, where I think the BABY Born Surprise dolls would be found!

The girls opened the eggs to reveal their dolls swaddled in the cutest designs.

My middley had the swan that I was eying up! Note the pictures were taken again, after the eyes were wiped as the pictures didn’t initially come out with them covered.

They unfastened these to reveal their BABY Born Surprise Dolls! As we have reviewed these before, the girls knew what to do. You have to wipe their eyes to reveal the colour and take the little bottle that comes with it and fill with water.

baby born surprise doll with bottle

The girls’ bottles were pink so we knew they had girl dolls.

You then feed the dolls in their mouths to cause them to wet their nappies and reveal a pattern. You can match this pattern with the guide in the leaflet.

BABY born surprise series 4 nappy reveal

You can then use the leaflet that comes with the dolls to find out what the first letter of their name is. You can reveal their star sign and fill in the birth certificate on the top.

Our Thoughts

The girls always enjoy the BABY Born Surprise dolls, as we have reviewed the previous series before. They are lovely dolls and a good size. The dolls are cute and can sit up or stand. I always think the swaddles are really cute and my girls both tend to use them for other games afterwards with other toys.

All kids love the Surprise and blind bag element. It’s fun revealing the swaddle and then if it’s a girl or boy. Then of course the eye colour reveal. Kids love this!

In terms of the surprises to open I do always think there are less than other products but at the same time for me this can be a relief, as so many toys have little plastic things that either get lost or thrown away. The less plastic the better really.

Price-wise I think they are competitive with other products that are collectable.

Overall a thumbs up from us. The new swaddle designs are lovely and snuggle and as always, the girls enjoyed revealing their surprises!

Even the little man go involved – fully supervised of course!

baby boy holding a a BABY born surprise series 4 doll

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Good Luck!

Disclosure – we were provided with these products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.



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