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BABY Born Toothcare Spa – REVIEW and GIVEAWAY | AD

BABY Born Toothcare Spa with soft touch brother

My middle girly is a huge fan of BABY Born – just huge. She seems to love her dolls and imaginative play a lot more than her elder sister. The products are so lovely and perfect for making children really feel like they have a real baby and can take care of them. My girls have reviewed some lovely products (see below) and I knew my middle girl would be so excited to review the BABY Born Toothcare Spa, which we were recently offered.

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More about the BABY Born Toothcare Spa

BABY Born Toothcare Spa in box

The BABY Born Toothcare Spa is a colourful wash cabinet for your BABY born. It has a mirror, which lights up and an interactive button. It also includes fun vibrating tooth brush, cup and patterned towel. It’s fab for helping kids with their bedtime routine and including teeth cleaning!

The doll is sold separately but we used our BABY Born Soft Touch Brother when playing.

General information:

  • Size H40, W26, D18cm.
  • Batteries required: 2 x AAA (not included) plus 4 x button cell (not included).
  • For ages 3 years and over.

The BABY Born Toothcare Spa retails at £35 but at the time this review went live, it was £20 at Argos.

Playing with The Product

Once the batteries were sorted; you do need a screwdriver, we were ready to go with the BABY Born Toothcare Spa. Me and my middle girly and her crazy baby brother decided to test it out one Saturday morning.

We tried out all the features, using her BABY Born Soft Touch Brother.

You press the green button and the product sings and the mirror lights up. This was hard to photograph, as just the rim inside the mirror. It’s better to see at nighttime.

The tap works! You pour a small amount of water into the sink. There is a max line but I would pour less in. The tap then pumps the water when you press it and water comes out of the tap!

tap working BABy Born Toothcare Spa

Bear in mind this can spill! You do have to pour it away when finished and my baby boy knocked it over and it went on the carpet!! Have a towel nearby just in case!

The little duck acts like a plug and keeps the water in the sink.

duck plug in Toothcare spa

The toothbrush vibrates when you press the button and the sink makes a teeth cleaning sound too!

toothbrush on BABY Born Toothcare spa

Our Thoughts on the BABY Born Toothcare Spa

My middley loved the BABY Born Toothcare Spa. She looks a bit insane on the picture below (!) but really enjoyed playing with it and has done a lot since we opened the product.

Product-wise it does everything pretend sink needs to do! Light-up mirror, working tap and accessories, perfect for your BABY Born doll. It’s reasonably robust and stands well but can be knocked over, if you are particularly rough (or have a baby on the loose!)

It is fab to encourage your child with their nighttime routine, as they play along with their dolls. Especially the teeth cleaning aspect, which some children do struggle with.

Do bear in mind, it can be messy, with water spilling everywhere if you are not careful, so do have a towel nearby and don’t play with it on your best carpet! Younger children do need a bit of help with the water aspect too and pumping the tap.

Price-wise, I’m, not sure I’d pay £35 for it but as I said, there are some deals at the moment so you can get it a little cheaper.

Overall my girls have loved it and played lots with their dolls. If you have children who love their imaginative play games and their dolls, it fits right in!

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Good Luck!

Disclosure – we were provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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