My 10 Rules of Sick Days

I was off sick on Friday. I picked up a stinker of a cough from the gremlin  (4th since Christmas…I KID YOU NOT) and woke up with my eyes glued shut. Bad times. I’d worked on the Thursday and was whacked, so a night of coughing led me to cave.

woman sneezing

Whilst being off I got thinking on my rules of sick days. And here they are:

  • Get your body to pick a day when your child is at nursery. For me, Wednesday is a no goer. (Hats off to the SAHMs; no clue how you manage!)
  • Never look in a mirror. Ever. I’m pale and ginger on a normal morning. Try the talcum powder look; ginger exploding frizz and a bloodshot gunky left eye. Best not examine the damage.
  • This is linked but don’t answer your Facetime to your Mothers who wants to “have a look at you”.  “Mum, I look like the dog’s dinner. I don’t want you to look at me. I’ll point the phone at the wall.”
  • Take off your Fitbit to avoid the guilt/shame when you haven’t even done 1000 steps all day. Best to just remove the pressurising article; after all it’s not a normal day eh?
  • Don’t watch Jeremy Kyle. I’m ashamed to say I quite liked this when younger. Now. Hmm not so much!
  • Getting dressed is optional. To be fair I find a shower helps refresh me when I’m ill but the earliest shower time is midday. Stick to the rules my dears!!
  • You get your 8 glasses of fluid from tea. I’m alone, it’s actually hot…
  • Read. I never read! Getting in bed and reading is a must…though a nap maybe more tempting?
  • Eat well if you can. I often fancy crap and do indulge but try and get the fruit and veggies in some how. I don’t want this cold forever!
  • Watch a film on Netflix that your other half would never agree too. Today’s choice was about a choir. I wasn’t too sure but it passed the time (I was tempted by Spice Girls The Movie but realised even I wasn’t that ill!!)

So there you have it. If you are kind of lucky like me and you sick day falls on a nursery day, what are your rules to look after yourself?

Hope everyone is on the mend who is reading this!